There are values that we seek to live by as a Christian Community in the Greater City of Toronto.

Multi-Ethnic Community

 We believe that God intends for us to live in unity with people of every ethnicity.  We do not just mean "tolerance" of different ethnic groups.  What we are talking about is becoming a "multi-ethnic family".  This is not easy as most of us prefer to remain in our own ethnic community of origin with the shared language, food and culture.  We believe that Multi-Ethnic Communities come about as we seek God's purposes as our own and as we seek intentionally to build harmonious relationships with people from every Nation, Tribe and Tongue.

Multi-Generational Community

We believe that God is named in the Bible as "The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob" for very good reason; i.e. God is inherently the God of the generations. Every generation is loved by God and every generation has something to contribute to every other generation.  We as the people of the generations will grow in our maturity only when we live in mutual respect and love for all generations of people. Once again, building a multi-generational community is not easy with different cultural values, tastes and preferences, however, we believe that this is how we were meant to live.

Multi-Class Community

What we mean by multi-class community is that we are intentionally seeking to build a community that reflects the mixed economic and social context of our neighborhood. We believe that we are called to live in a socially contentious way so that the resources we have been given can be shared with others. We believe that we are called to be the "Alternate Community" in our World with life giving values in relationship to Work, Money, Power, Sex, and Family. We believe that human flourishing can be most fully realized when we embrace diversity in our community, and community in our diversity.

For more on our beliefs, click here for "The Living Faith".

Building a Great City for All people through
Personal Conversion,
Community Formation,
And Social Justice. 

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